A game created by 60 strong Studio

Game Synopsis

Interstellar Racing League is a high-speed, 4 player racing experience. Players are racing along gravity-defying tracks through alien planets to compete for the title of the Galaxy’s Best Racer.

Why, When, What, and How

This project was selected from our collective prototyping process. We all broke out into smaller teams and prototyped ideas. Eventually, Interstellar Racing League was selected as the best prototype and was chosen to be worked on for our project.

Our timeline was 1 month for prototyping, and 3 ½ months for production of the chosen project. Our sprints during production were all two weeks long, with the exception of PoCT which was 1-week long. Our prototype sprints were also 1-week sprints.

We had a lot of difficulties with our communication throughout the project, as well as adapting to being teammates on a scale like this. Our systems we planned to make were ambitious as well. We have multi-axis tracks, running on a physics-based system for our race. Also, because our game is a 4-player experience running on one pc; framerate has been a struggle.

Our team has improved immensely over this 4 month period. We’ve all learned how to communicate more effectively than we did at the start of the project, and going forward, we’ve all experienced issues and problems (both in the process and the technical application of our plan). We have examples of things that don’t work, and we won’t do them again.

Game Trailer

In-game Screen Shots

Roles and Responsibilities

Lead Environment Artist

I was in charge of leading the environment team to build the world that supports our game. My responsibilities include creating documents with other art leads to define the art style for the game, collecting concepts from artists to make call-out sheets that address the goods and bads that we want to adapt or avoid, assisting and guide the environment team to produce, and negotiate with other sub teams on deadlines and deliverable.