crimson cyber temple modular environment


22 materials in Unreal 

70 pieces in Modkit

90 hours

Crimson Cyber Temple is a 3D environment built in UE4. It is designed and optimized for video games. It's based on an original concept by Adrian Marc (see concept below). The set is built to one-to-one scale, and the high priority assets are built following power of two measurements. Pivots are positioned at corners that are easy for grid-snapping. Bigger structures like walls and doorways were demoded. Vertex painting was used for the ground, walls and the tripod. 

This project was a whole semester assignment for my Art Creation III class at Guildhall. The class met twice a week, and we had 3.25 hours in-class time that our professor usually used for lecture. We had a fifteen week semester, and I spent total around 90 hours to finish this project.


concept by Adrian Marc

After picking the concept. I started on this break down image (see below), to budget my time by analyzing the scene, and sorting it into four assets groups with different priorities.


Modkit Breakdown 

Opt View in UE4


Proof of Modularity