Hi! My name is Claire Bian. I am a 3D generalist who has experience in environment, props, and character (more in fashion and outfits).


Before became a digital artist, I was in the field of theater and product design, and had decent experience with costume and set design for plays, production management, as well as user experience. 

I like being in a team and doing my best to support it.

Being able to speak two languages made me respect differences and diversity.

My favorite games include: Bloodborne, the Last of Us, Monster Hunter World, Tomb Raider series, Dark Souls, Resident Evil series, Destiny, and more.

Skills Summary

3D Modeling

3D Sculpting

3D Animation

3D Printing


Digital Painting

Texture Baking

Graphic Design

Costume Construction

Stage Makeup

Agile Development



3DS Max

Substance Painter

Substance Designer

Marvelous Designer

Adobe Creative Suite












Team Projects


Lead Artist
FrostRunner,                                                                                                       Fall 2018

SMU Guildhall, Unreal Engine 4, Team of 13 (3 artists including lead)                 

  • Guildhall’s most downloaded game on Steam

  • Created production documents and concept art for the team 

  • Worked with multi-disciplined teams for unified vision

  • Created in-game assets 

  • Created marketing materials

Environment Lead Artist
Interstellar Racing League,                                                                            Spring 2018

SMU Guildhall, Unreal Engine 4, Team of 60 (8 environment artists including lead) 

  • Lead the environment team to produce art for Team Game Production II class 

  • Created production documents and concept art for the team 

  • Worked with multi-disciplined teams for unified vision

Jami the Jelly,                                                                                                    Fall 2017

SMU Guildhall, Unity, Team of 5 (1 artist)                                                                

  • Created 2D game art assets 

  • Created animations and storyboards

  • Created concept art and marketing materials 

  • Collaborated with lead level designer on gameplay mechanics  

Personal Project


Character Identity Through Modular Futuristic Clothing Design

Unreal Engine 4                                                                              Fall 2018-Spring 2019

  • Artifact contains an android model with rig system and basic animation cycles, 4 sets (3 outfits per set) of clothes (headset, small accessories, shoes, etc.) that are modular within each set

  •     Self-taught Marvelous Designer and the work pipelines for creating character outfits in games

  • Modular breakdown on the design so the clothes pieces share common seams

  • Physics applied to clothes in engine with wind system

  • Concept stage included designing the flat patterns and color themes that suit different personalities




SMU Guildhall, TX                                                                                                     May 2019
Master of Interactive Technology, Art Creation     

  • Digital painting

  • 2d/3d game assets creation

  • Team game production                      

Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA.   

Bachelor of Arts, Theater, Product Design                                                            May 2017

  • Fine art fundamental

  • Performing arts

  • Product design for local museum giftshop (design to sell, senior project)

  • Costume and scene design for local theater plays (senior projects)